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Water Proof Sock is the ONLY unit that would fit snugly around your feet and ankle. It will protect your skin from the harsh chemical of pool's water, like Chlorine and Bromine, Water Proof Sock, protects your feet from Verrucae, athlete’s foot and other foot infections commonly found in the indoor swimming environment, simply, slip it on your feet prior to entering a swimming Pool or Jacuzzi , This would help the skin and feet retain its original moist, So Your skin won't dry or crack !

Use in:

Swimming Pools (Indoor & Outdoor)
  Directions for USE  

1) Gather up the Water Proof Sock © and pull gently onto the foot.

2) Always wear socks on the same feet to prevent cross infection.

3) To make Water Proof Sock © easier to put on & more comfortable to wear, the four protrusions at the toe end can be removed with scissors so air can go out.( Verrucae and Athlete’s foot are not waterborne, they are caught by feet making contact with contaminated wet surfaces).

4) After use wash the WaterProof Sock © thoroughly in clean water. Towel dry and dust with talcum powder.

5) If you want to keep your foot dry or are suffering from a verrucae and need to keep a dressing dry DO NOT remove the four protrusions (point 3) and use surgical tape to seal around the ankle.

This would also help the skin and feet retain its original oils and moisture, which in turn would help prevent the skin from becoming dry, cracked, unsightly, and painful.

IMPORTANT before swimming with a dressing always consult your doctor first. Wearing WaterProof Sock © can prevent the spread of Verrucae and Athlete’s Foot.


Designed to protect feet from verrucae, athlete’s foot & other foot infections commonly found in swimming environment.

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    Water Proof Sock,
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